11 JAN 2022

Hope everyone had an enjoyable New Year. It was nice and quiet at the home QTH, which is the way my wife and I like it. Only a few fireworks were heard, which was great for our dog. The XYL went to bed early, while I stayed up watching TV and getting over the flu, or whatever it was that I had had for the whole week prior, not fun being sick, especially during Christmas. But I'm doing better, although the XYL now has bronchitis, gotta love this time of year.

I just wrote a new, short, article on Signal Reports, inspired by an ARRL post on Twitter. It’s pretty basic, but hopefully you’ll find it useful. You can find the article here.

That’s all I can think of for now.

Welcome to my Shack on the Web

Welcome to my little corner of the web. I've designed this site as a repository of various bits of ham radio related information that I have aquired, content I have generated, simple programs that I have written (all web-based), links, etc. Pretty much whatever I find useful and/or interesting concerning ham radio.

My main interests in Ham Radio include, but are certainly not limited to, antennas, propagation and DX. The plan is to provide a little bit of everything, and a whole lot of some things. You can find out more about me over on my 'About Me' page (go figure :-)). Other than that, the menu bar at the top of each page will help you to navigate around the site, and, hopefully, find something that peaks your interest.

So, come on in, take a look around. I hope you find it useful and/or interesting.

Quick Prop. Info.

Last Updated: 25 Jan 2022 0700 GMT
Solar Flux: 95
A Index: 4
K Index: 3
SSN: 26
Band Conditions
Band Day Night
80m – 40m Poor Fair
30m – 20m Good Good
17m – 15m Fair Fair
12m – 10m Poor Poor
Aurora - Northern Hemi Band Closed
North America Band Closed
Europe Band Closed
Europe — 6m Band Closed
Europe — 4m Band Closed

More detailed solar information can be found here.

Solar Data Provided By: N0NBH

DX Cluster